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Your business isn't just confined to your office, it's a part of your life. Increasingly, companies and their employees expect to be connected to work all the time, and with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, that expectation has become the norm. However, this access is not without its worries. Data leaks and security breaches affect companies of all sizes, costing businesses a staggering amount of money each year. By using secure mobile apps for common tasks like file sharing, businesses can unlock the productivity of a mobile workforce more safely.

File sharing apps are a particular concern for security because the files you want to access and share on the go, such as project notes, client data, and prototypes, are often the most sensitive - and the most valuable. ShareFile offers file sharing apps that let you access and share your files from your own secure cloud storage with fully-functional, secure apps for any device used by anyone at your company.

Any file, anywhere, anytime - the ShareFile promise

Do you need to send a file from a Mac to a PC? No problem. How about from an Android smartphone to an iPad? Again, piece of cake. ShareFile offers cutting-edge file sharing apps for all the most popular devices - and many less popular devices as well. No matter what kind of device you're using to send the file, and no matter what kind of device your recipient is using, you can rest assured that it will transfer cleanly and securely with ShareFile.

Sync files automatically for full-team collaboration

When you work with frequently updated files alongside other people at your business, it can be hard to tell which version of the file is the most up-to-date. That's doubly so when you're accessing files on a mobile device. File sharing apps from ShareFile address this problem by automatically syncing your files across your entire company. Your apps do all the work of tracking version control, so you can concentrate on getting work done.

Convenient file sharing without compromising security

With 99.9% uptime, 256-bit security, and no major data breaches on record, ShareFile has an incredible reputation for security. Our emphasis on security extends all the way to your mobile device - with proper security precautions, you can feel safer while working on the go, sharing files with a client, or checking up on a project from afar.

With ShareFile's mobile apps, you are free to get your work done wherever you are - securely. You can even sign documents right from your mobile device! Get started today with a free trial.

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