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Need to email large files? There's an easier way

These days, the world seems to run on email. Unfortunately, there are some things email isn't very good at, such as sending files. While it's easy to use email attachments to transfer small files, anything bigger than a few megabytes simply won't work on most email providers. Even worse, you might send an attachment that works using your email provider but is rejected by your recipient's email — and you might not ever know it.

Fortunately, there's a better way to email big files to anyone who needs them. Next time you need to send files by email, use ShareFile. You can avoid the complications of attachments and send up to 100 GB in a single email.

1. Make file size limits a thing of the past

    We've all been there — scrambling to meet a deadline with seconds to spare. You hurriedly save your project and open your email account and attach your file, only to be greeted with an error message: your project is too big to fit in an email attachment. Now what?

    The solution is ShareFile. Instead of email providers which limit attachments at 10 or 25 MB, ShareFile makes it easy to send big files up to 100 GB — over 4,000 times the size! While ShareFile may not be able to help with your deadlines, we can at least help guard against anything else going wrong.

2. Improve security by dumping your attachments

    In addition to file size limits, email attachments are a less-than-ideal way to send files for another reason: security. Email is notorious for being less than perfectly secure, and that includes the attachments you send. If you rely on email to transmit sensitive files, you might be putting your business at risk.

    Instead of attachments, ShareFile allows you to email files using a secure download link. Your sensitive data isn't exposed in transit and on email servers, but stays in your secure ShareFile storage, backed by bank-level security features and up to 256-bit data encryption. And with ShareFile Encrypted Email, you can also secure the email message text, adding an extra layer of protection.

3. Connect ShareFile to Microsoft Outlook and save more time

    If your company uses Microsoft Outlook for email, you're in luck — ShareFile can save you even more time. With the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, using ShareFile to email big files to your contacts is just as easy as sending an attachment. With just a few clicks you can choose which file in ShareFile you want to email, add a link, customize your message and send it off.


So what are you waiting for? Try ShareFile for free today and take back control of how you email large files. After that, try some of the other features of ShareFile, like easy electronic signature functionality to get documents signed, desktop file sync to keep your files up to date across devices, and secure file transfer to protect your data in transit.


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Don't see what you're looking for? Call 1 800 441 3453 for a more in-depth look at ShareFile and to see how we can customize a plan for your business

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