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The days of businesses storing physical documents are gone. Filing cabinets piled high with everything from client details to invoices has been replaced by digital document management solutions that boost company productivity.

Businesses now produce huge amounts of electronic documents, all of which need to be stored safely and efficiently. Physically storing your documents in space-consuming filing cabinets may be in the past, but the days of efficiently maintaining your documents in the cloud are only just beginning. This is where document management comes in.

By adopting ShareFile’s cloud storage solutions, company documents can be accessed wherever you are in the world. Here’s how ShareFile can benefit your business.

Keep your files organized

The right document management solution can ensure all your vital business files are stored, managed and shared securely with every member of your organization. Reaching far beyond the simple storage of files, a good document management system benefits your business in several ways, including:

Version History
If you work in an environment where several people are likely to edit the same document, potentially at the same time, version history can be vital. ShareFile’s version history feature automatically keeps a history of every change and revision that is made to a document; this way your collaborative projects are simple to track. Each author won’t need to save a new version; all edits are tracked by ShareFile in real time.

Document Retrieval
Whether you’re a small, local company with staff working remotely, or you’re a business with offices and clients worldwide, document retrieval makes the ability to share files 24/7 more simple. ShareFile makes it simple to search and access documents, whatever the search criteria or device (desktop, tablet or phone). Use the to send large files from your inbox, making collaborating with clients as efficient as possible. Retrieving and sending documents couldn’t be easier.

Enterprise-Level Security
Citrix products provide enterprise-level data protection. If your organization regularly handles sensitive information, ShareFile allows restricted access to files, allowing you to choose who can see them. Users can use the tools provided within ShareFile to review account activity, such as account usage and access to files and folders to track activity. ShareFile can send an alert every time a document you shared is accessed or edited. Absolute security is assured, as your files are saved with up to 256-bit encryption.

Make Your Storage Cost Effective
For most businesses, costly in-house servers are a thing of the past. Modernizing your business by moving everything to the cloud is a cost-effective step in the right direction, but it still has hidden costs if not done efficiently.

ShareFile cuts down on unnecessary administration time, boosting productivity by allowing employees to access work wherever they are.

Archiving meets compliance standards
Some industry regulations require you to keep relevant documentation for a set period. The archiving feature modifies the standard ShareFile account so that files, folders, sent messages and notifications are archived rather than deleted when no longer needed. ShareFile puts you in control of your files and your business can remain confident that documents are safe.

We’ll Handle Disaster Recovery
Planning for the worst-case scenario is vital for every business and your document management solution should help your company prepare. ShareFile has disaster recovery centers in the United States and Europe, maintaining 99.9% uptime all year round. We will take care of your backups and worry about disaster recovery on behalf of your business, lowering the risk of loss of productivity or money. If you’re hit by major technological issues, everything is in the cloud with ShareFile.

Document management

ShareFile is designed to give you storage without limits, allowing you to access and share files with ease. Take advantage of high-speed file sharing, data encryption and more, ensuring that you’re able to continue to work productively and efficiently.

Custom Client Portal
A secure client portal provides a personalized and flexible solution to collaborate with stakeholders from outside your organization. With enterprise-level security features, ShareFile’s client portal software is the perfect way to safely share and comment on ongoing client projects. Using your company branding, a client portal creates the perfect place for you and your clients to upload and download documents. It is a professional, secure, and impressive way to work with clients.

Office 365 integration
Microsoft Office is standard software all over the world and we know that being able to connect to this is important. ShareFile fully integrates with Office 365. You and your clients can conveniently work together wherever you are in the world.

View-Only Access
With ShareFile, you’re only giving access to the users that you want, when you want. You choose how you want your documents to be viewed, whether view-only, downloadable or complete access.

Review Your Click Trails
Helping you gain important insight into who is accessing your data, ShareFile provides a timeline of activity on documents. You can track where and when users have navigated through an account.

Document Management is at the core of your business

ShareFile aims to help you control your document management and implement a system that’s easier and more efficient for your business.

Take a look at the options in our Plans & Pricing section and get in touch to find out how  ShareFile could be the solution for your business.

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