Cloud File Server

Modernize your data storage with a secure, reliable cloud file server

Collaboration without compromising on security

The ability to communicate and collaborate with people on a global scale provides opportunities for your business every day. With a cloud file server, you’ll finally have the tools to maximize those opportunities.

Housing all your company’s documents on a cloud file server means any of your employees can access them wherever they are. For truly collaborative work, several users can view and edit a document online simultaneously in one session.

ShareFile’s cloud file server solution also helps to keep external stakeholders in the loop. Sharing files with clients, or people outside of your organization, such as contractors, is done with just a couple of clicks of a button. What’s more, they don’t have to be a ShareFile customer to view and edit files.

Plus, with custom workflows, you can get the sign-off you need without the complications. Create a custom sign-off process that progresses through your hierarchy of stakeholders, requesting feedback as you go.

Flexible access to your cloud file server

Advancements in cloud computing mean that employees can stay online even when they’re out of the office. Cloud file servers bring this capability to your team.

Cloud file server solutions allow your employees to access, edit, share and store the files they need no matter the device in their hand.

Desktop and laptop users can take advantage of fast upload and download speeds for files in their web browser. If you’re out of the office, you’re still able to access what you need quickly and efficiently. ShareFile has developed fast and intuitive mobile apps, available on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile.

Clients also have quick and easy access to collaborative files. With custom client portals, you can create a custom, branded online area within your cloud file server. Clients won’t need to be ShareFile customers to get to the files they need. No more attachments, no more miscommunication.

Cloud file servers that safeguard your company data

The security of company data is vital to the ongoing integrity of every business. Setting up and maintaining an in-house company server is often a painful experience for employees across organizations. 

Thanks to cloud technology from ShareFile, file storage is now one less thing your business needs to worry about. With a cloud-based file server, all your company’s valuable data is hosted online and handled by us. ShareFile prides itself on bank-level security measures, offering peace of mind to organizations whose data is indispensable to their business.

Super-fast access to all your files means employees can work, collaborate and share files whenever they are connected, boosting productivity.

Reliable storage that keeps your business going

Without access to the files you need, your business cannot function. ShareFile provides 99.5% uptime, allowing you and your employees to access your cloud file server whenever you need it.

Coupled with this reliability, any data stored on your cloud file server is protected by unprecedented security measures. Each file you save on a ShareFile cloud file server has its own unique encryption key, and all file transfers are encrypted using 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – the level of security used in online banking and by e-commerce sites.

Our servers are located at various locations across the globe, with double verification required to access any of our data centers. Protected by a firewall and regularly updated with the latest patches, our servers are SSAE 16 certified, providing high levels of security for your business.

Integrate with software you use every day

Our suite of integrations makes getting up to speed with ShareFile’s cloud file server easy for you and your business. 

If you choose, you can send secure, encrypted email from your web browser – with file size limits as high as 100GB. Alternatively, you can use ShareFile’s plugin for Microsoft Outlook to send secure files to clients, colleagues, vendors or patients.

Introducing a new cloud file server can be a big overhaul, particularly if you have several departments (and their files) to migrate. To make the change as seamless as possible, we’ve ensured that ShareFile’s cloud client-server already works with the tools you use every day. No new software to download, just secure file sharing.

A storage plan to suit your business

ShareFile’s cloud file server can secure data, modernize workflows, and boost productivity - no matter the size of data storage.

Whether you’re a startup with less than 10 employees or a multi-departmental enterprise with numerous collaborating teams, we have a solution that will benefit your business at a price point that suits you.

Plus, each of our plans comes with a free trial, so you can get to know us first.

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Benefits of cloud file servers with sharefile

Any time, any place, any device. Store your documents in a ShareFile cloud file server solution, and you can access what you need from anywhere, whenever you need it.

With a cloud file server, you never need to worry about lost data. Secured in the cloud, your productivity is never hit by the loss of files.

Office 365 editing and simple link-based file sharing make working together easier than ever before.

Cloud file servers for any business

Small business or startup
Be secure right from the start. Our Personal package comes with 100GB of storage, more than enough for any small business to get started with securing their data.

Medium-sized business
Custom branding, Microsoft Outlook plugin, and electronic signature integration helps medium-sized businesses share and sign-off files securely with colleagues, clients, or vendors.

Large enterprise
Take advantage of extra features like feedback and approval workflows and encrypted email, helping large enterprises to collaborate across several teams. 

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ShareFile gave us security that met client requirements. User experience is everything. Integrating with ShareFile has made things very simple for the end user.
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