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Fast-growing startup ‘ZinePak powers client communication with Citrix ShareFile

When Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe founded ‘ZinePak in January 2011, they combined industry expertise and contacts from previous careers in music and publishing to develop a unique product—custom content designed to help celebrities build stronger bonds with their fans. At first, ‘ZinePak produced small-format magazines for celebrities, but it has grown to offer many different kinds of exclusive content, including pieces packaged with CDs, event tickets and more.

The ‘ZinePak team has grown with the product portfolio. ‘ZinePak now has eight full-time employees and works with superstars such as Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. As the company expands, the founders strive to create the type of organization where they would be happy to work. For example, when it’s lauching a new project, ‘ZinePak routinely holds “all-call” brainstorming meetings, which increase team engagement and ensure that the company starts with the best ideas.

“We have a really collaborative working environment,” says Hodak.

While the current demand for ‘ZinePak products surprises even the founders, Hodak and Kaupe have worked through many of the challenges that first time business owners often encounter.

Hodak says that she was unsure initially of how to manage the incredibly sensitive, proprietary files that she collected from clients to create ‘ZinePak content. The company regularly received photos, lyrics and songs months before they were scheduled for release, so she knew that ‘ZinePak needed to take extra precaution for the privacy of those files.

The search for a more secure way to send and receive media files brought the ‘ZinePak team to ShareFile. Now, when team members needs to request sensitive media files from clients, they can simply create and send a link that allows the recipient to upload files to a secure folder online. ‘ZinePak includes the link address, along with information about why the company uses ShareFile, in the welcome packet sent to all new clients.

The ShareFile link for requesting files allows ‘ZinePak clients to upload their data at their own convenience, using advanced encryption throughout the transfer process. Because ShareFile allows users to send even the largest files, customers can upload large media files without any need to zip or compress them. When a client uploads a file, ShareFile sends ‘ZinePak employees a notification that new files are available in the client’s folder.

Using ShareFile allows ‘ZinePak to communicate with clients effortlessly, while still maintaining a professional, branded experience.

“We’re so excited to see how simple the user interface is. We need something easy to understand, easy to use, and we love that we can customize ShareFile with our own branding,” says Hodak.

The fact that ShareFile is designed with business users in mind is also important to ‘ZinePak’s relationship with its clients. Hodak compares the difference between ShareFile and other consumer-oriented file-transfer services as being “like the different between using an armored car or a bike messenger.”

Best of all, ‘ZinePak uses ShareFile to simplify a critical process for its staff and clients, which is a win for any in-demand business.

“There are so many things to think about,” says Hodak. “This was one less thing to think about.”