The 3-2-1 rule of data backup

What would you do if you lost everything? Imagine a natural disaster physically wiping out your office, or a virus destroying your computer. Would you be able to recover your files quickly? How long would you be out of commission, desperately trying to recover client data, information, and records? How would you explain to your clients that you needed to start over, that everything was lost?

60% of small business that have a data breach will shut down in six months. And yet 58% of small businesses are not prepared for a data loss, which can be caused by lost or stolen devices, viruses, ransom ware, or even spilling your morning cup of coffee on your laptop. Since 29% of disasters are caused by accident, data loss isn’t something you can predict but it is something you can plan for.

And since any amount of data downtime costs your business time and money, a responsible business owner should always have a backup and recovery plan in place.

We like the 3-2-1 data rule, recommended by Wells Anderson at the ABA TECHSHOW last month:

  • Three copies of your data
  • Two different media
  • One backup copy offsite

You likely have one copy of data on your computer and possibly a copy on a USB drive, but having a duplicate in our encrypted cloud keeps your data both secure and easy to recover. And while we appreciate the sentiment of World Backup Day, we are fans of backing up your data every day through our ShareFile Sync tool, which runs 24/7 and automatically updates your files into your ShareFile account.

Additional tips for backing up your data:

  • Make sure at least two people know your backup and recovery procedures and can implement them
  • Calculate the cost of downtime to your business to determine the ROI of a professional file sync and storage solution
  • Keep it simple – your plan needs to be easy to implement regularly (not just today!) and easy to apply in the event of a disaster

Ready to backup your data on World Backup Day? Sign up for a free 30-day trial of ShareFile now. Then back, back, back it up!

About the Author

Beth Anne Ballance joined the Citrix ShareFile team in 2015 as the Social Media Marketing Manager. A Raleigh native, she graduated from UNC-Greensboro as the Joseph M. Bryan Scholar and was named TIME’s 8th Sassiest Brand on Twitter.