WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile helps law offices get more out of Autonomy iManage

Citrix ShareFile, a leading cloud-based file-sharing solution for attorneys, has partnered with DocAuto to offer Autonomy iManage Worksite customers a way to improve the most popular document management system for large law firms nationwide.

The new offering, WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile, gives attorneys and legal aides the ability to easily and securely exchange iManage documents with third parties using ShareFile. WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile is one of the first tools to help attorneys securely access and edit iManage documents from any mobile device.

WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile addresses the growing use of mobile workflow among attorneys and helps to eliminate the risk of data breach associated with the inadequate security of traditional forms of electronic communication, such as email.

WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile was specifically designed to work within both iManage DeskSite and FileSite. This will allow attorneys to use the majority of ShareFile’s functions within those views.

WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile improves iManage WorkSite in several key ways. It will:

  • Enable attorneys to easily and securely send files to third parties from both FileSite and DeskSite using secure ShareFile links.
  • Browse, upload and send WorkSite documents to ShareFile from any document view in FileSite or DeskSite.
  • Provide attorneys with secure access to their WorkSite case files from any mobile device.
  • Improve tracking and accountability of external document transfers with email notifications of file activity and detailed audit logs.

For more information about how ShareFile helps improve workflow for attorneys and legal aides, visit ShareFile for Legal.