Work-life balance with ShareFile and GoToMyPC — even during tax season

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It’s no secret that accountants love Citrix ShareFile. But, ShareFile isn’t the only Citrix solution helping accountants save time and money. Kaydee Peterson, owner of Peterson Business Services in Vancouver, Wash., uses both ShareFile and GoToMyPC to keep prepping for tax season a breeze for her firm and her customers.

Peterson Business Services provides accounting services to other small businesses, and prior to finding Citrix, Kaydee needed a secure and easy-to-use way to exchange sensitive data with her clients as well as a way to have more family time and access her computer when she wasn’t in the office. After trying a variety of what she describes as “less than awesome” services, Kaydee settled on Citrix’s sister products ShareFile and GoToMyPC as a one-stop way to meet all of her needs.

With ShareFile, she says she can feel confident asking for sensitive information from her new clients.

“It can be awkward when you’re talking to someone you’ve never met, and you tell them you need all this sensitive information,” says Kaydee. “You’re throwing everything online — tax returns, Social Security numbers, W2s and other things like that. The security sold me when I was purchasing ShareFile. It’s branded, beautiful, secure and easy to use, so paying for it is justified.”

While ShareFile’s security gives Kaydee confidence to exchange sensitive information with her clients, GoToMyPC’s easy-to-use remote access allows Kaydee and her employees to do all of their work on their own schedules — whenever and wherever they need. Leaving the office to spend time with family no longer has to be stressful; they know they have simple Citrix solutions that let them get the job done.

That simplicity translates into a 30 to 35 percent increase in productivity across the business.

“[It] has so many rippling effects you wouldn’t even think are directly related. For example, by streamlining the process of completing projects, you now have better word-of-mouth marketing because you’re able to serve your clients better and faster,” explains Kaydee. “If you can cut the amount of time to complete a project from four months to one month, that’s a big deal.”

With ShareFile and GoToMyPC, Kaydee and her employees can securely and effectively work from anywhere.

The moral of the story is that Citrix is the name that I trust. It’s THE solution for my type of firm,” she says.

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