Why ShareFile is like a smart TV

When I get home after a long day at work, I like to choose from a variety of entertainment options. It used to be that if I wanted to listen to music, I had to pull it up on my iPod. Then if I wanted the evening news, I had to turn on the TV. A movie meant popping a disc in the DVD player. And if I wanted to just watch a cat video, out came my laptop or phone for YouTube.

Now, I sit down on my couch and turn on my smart TV. One device, and I’m a click away from music, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, TV channels, and more. So much easier, so much more productive. Relaxation achieved…

The same is true of your data—you’ve got it scattered across hard drives, clouds, network drives, SharePoint, personal cloud connectors, and other solutions like OneDrive or Documentum. When you want to be productive, you have to toggle between multiple locations to find and share your files. Like the electronics industry that is seeing a convergence of technology from many devices to access from anywhere, ShareFile has evolved into an efficient content collaboration platform that delivers the optimal solution with data source choice.

Just like a smart TV, ShareFile gives you access to all your data from a single source, whether that data is in the cloud, on premises, in a network drive, in SharePoint, or in any other repository.

ShareFile Connectors simplify access to your files, creating a seamless sync across your apps, devices, cloud providers, company servers, and content management systems already in place. You can securely share outside your network and share files too big to email. You can also download and share data via email using Microsoft Exchange.

You may need to host your data on premises for regulatory reasons, or you may be beginning your journey to the cloud. With ShareFile, it doesn’t matter—you can access your data wherever it lives. Easily access, download, and share files using ShareFile as a single pane of glass.

sharefile connectors

In short, ShareFile makes it easy to take your data strategy to the next level and store what you need where you need to—without compromising productivity or security.

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