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Why Law Firms Choose ShareFile For Secure File Exchange

No matter what the industry, ShareFile helps businesses securely transfer files with clients and colleagues. However, one industry in which ShareFile is becoming increasingly popular is the legal field. Regardless of the type of law, attorneys find ShareFile an important part of their business – from medical malpractice and personal injury to intellectual property and corporate law.

I sat down with Beth Longley, Director of ShareFile for Legal, to learn more about why ShareFile is so helpful for law firms.

Will: Why do you think ShareFile is such a big hit within the legal field?

Beth: The amount of data that attorneys work with is mind-boggling. This data is extremely sensitive, and legal documents are often very large files. Collaborating on these documents can be cumbersome and difficult to manage. Until ShareFile, there wasn’t a solution out there that really combined security and ease of use. ShareFile gives attorneys a simple, turnkey solution to manage and transfer their data, increasing overall productivity and workflow.

Will: What are the most popular use cases attorneys have for ShareFile?

Beth: ShareFile is such a robust and customizable solution that there are hundreds of ways professionals in the industry use it. One common use case is during the discovery phase of litigation. This is a period where all information must be shared with counsel on both sides. The data may include videos, recordings, photos, contracts or medical records. These files can be both large and confidential. ShareFile enables users to easily manage and share this data. Another common use case is based around data mobility. Attorneys are always on the go and working from multiple locations. Whether it is pulling up a document on a tablet in the court room or sharing information on a smartphone during a client meeting, ShareFile’s mobile apps give attorneys 24/7 access to important data from wherever they may be.

Will: How can attorneys find out more about ShareFile and its specific application to the legal field?

Beth: ShareFile has dedicated reps that know the industry and work with people within the legal profession every day. Feel free to contact me at for a one-on-one demonstration or visit our industry page by clicking here.

Thanks Beth! Knowing the workflow of professionals within a certain industry and their technology needs makes ShareFile a true industry-specific tool.