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Why Every Company Needs a Story

When is it good to talk about yourself?

When you speak on behalf of a company.

It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s true. A company with self-awareness is able to connect with consumers on a more human level. Just think about these three ways that a good story can help you reach others:

1)   Sales

It’s satisfying to support a company that you admire. Making your values and story known encourages customers to remember you.

2)   Retention

Most of your employees want a career, not just a job. When employees know your story, they know where they fit into the broader narrative.

3)   Recruitment

To a strong candidate, an active mission and clear identity can help your company stand out among potential employers.

 If these sound like good reasons to develop the story-telling culture at your company, check out three easy, inexpensive ways we emphasize our company story at Citrix ShareFile:

 1)   Hold a class

Reinforcing your organization’s values is especially challenging when you’re part of a growing team. ShareFile founder Jesse Lipson hosts lunchtime sessions where new and veteran employees can come together to learn how ShareFile came to be and what drives each of our team goals and values.

2)   Promote key themes daily

Demonstrate that your mission and culture are important to everyday activities. ShareFile’s account management team sends out the Story of the Day each business day to recognize an employee who has gone above and beyond to deliver amazing service. These reminders highlight the impact that each person can have toward ShareFile’s mission: to raise the bar for service in the technology industry.

3)   Make it visual

A giant timeline of important events from ShareFile’s early days wraps the walls of our break room. The timeline serves as a reminder of important events that helped the company become what it is today. While you may not choose to paper a room with your company’s history, a display case with early awards and other souvenirs from important days for your organization can increase employees’ awareness of your continuing company story.

Just like every company’s story is unique, the ways that you can communicate it can be as creative as you like. How do you promote your company’s history and values to employees and clients?