5 Ways your small business can use video

Have you searched YouTube when you need to learn something new, see how something works, or simply be entertained? Yeah, me too. There’s no denying the power of video in today’s digital world.

And if you have a device with a camera, then you can create compelling video to support your business. UK-based media agency, Hyperfine Media, found that after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. As an SMB, you can harness the use of video to grow your business, engage customers, and spark the interest of prospective clients.

Here are tips on how you can create quality engaging video content without breaking the bank:

Create a free YouTube channel

It is free to set up a YouTube channel for your business. Plus, YouTube is owned by Google and adds SEO value. Make sure to choose attention-grabbing titles and add relevant tags for higher rankings and search potential. And don’t forget to add links to your website and social media channels!

Demo your product or service

YouTube houses a plethora of DIY tutorials and how-to videos. Demos help customers gain better visual understanding of your product in action. Video can serve as a form of customer service through demos and tutorials. By giving customers free, unlimited access to visual tutorials, customers can teach themselves their use case at their own pace on their own time. It is a great way to reduce costs, save time, and deploy a user-friendly onboarding experience.

Put your customers in the spotlight

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. They help you figure out what works and what should be improved. With the increased use of mobile devices, online audiences rely on easily accessible customer reviews. Why not capture this trusted source on video?

Customer testimonials can be depicted in two ways: either speaking on camera to use cases or actually showing viewers how they use your product or service. Having trouble identifying the perfect customer to feature? Put out a call on your website or social media and ask your customers to send short testimonial clips.

Use trailers/preview videos

A short teaser video builds anticipation. Is your business is in the midst of a gap period between releases? Make sure your customers don’t forget about you in the interim with a trailer video that teases what is coming and gets customers excited your latest product. These shorter previews are great for social media promotional content (where you’re competing with funny cat videos).

Edit like a pro

Use free video editing apps like Socialcam or Viddy that provide customizable options with design in HD quality. These apps provide easy integration for importing your videos onto any social platform like Facebook and Twitter.

In a recent study, 92% of video consumers share videos with others. If your video is compelling and concise, the viewer is more likely to share it, expanding your reach and brand awareness. Make your content creative yet useful for your audience, and you will see a ROI on brand awareness and loyalty.

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