Would a virtual data room simplify your work?

If you’re managing high-stakes deals, you don’t have time to traffic documents.

But many businesses divide their data-sharing processes by using different systems to email, to store, to share or to archive data. Spreading data among different systems with different access points and varying levels of security puts the integrity of the transaction at risk, slows down your work and makes tracking nearly impossible.

A good virtual data room solution can streamline data sharing and simplify administrative processes, which dramatically reduces the amount of time you need to manage, share, track and update documents.

That’s where Citrix ShareFile Virtual Data Room comes in.

ShareFile Virtual Data Room provides all the easy-to-use data-sharing features of ShareFile in a much more tightly controlled environment. Documents are rendered in view-only mode, for instance, so they can’t be downloaded or easily shared. Dynamic watermarking adds a customizable watermark to every page to further discourage sharing.

And with even more granular permissions controls, tracking and reporting options, VDR is the perfect solution for companies that are conducting fundraising, investor reporting, exiting investments, portfolio company management, and any other confidential transaction that requires a lot of data to be shared quickly and professionally.

A few features you’ll find in ShareFile Virtual Data Room:

Unlimited data rooms and client users. Create separate, secure spaces for different transactions and processes, and provide access to as many clients as needed.

Extremely granular permissions controls. Easily determine who sees what room and which documents or folders — and make sure people don’t see what they shouldn’t.

Robust notifications and tracking. Set alerts for uploads, downloads or changes; log comments in Q&A sessions; and track activity for auditing and regulatory purposes.

Entirely web-based. ShareFile doesn’t require clients or investors to install software, so calls for technical support are virtually eliminated.

Free 24/7 support. Of course, we provide all-hours support, so you’ll never find yourself scrambling against a critical deadline.

When you’re working on a complex business transaction, you shouldn’t have to worry about protecting or managing you files and data. Schedule a demo with our VDR team to see if Citrix ShareFile will work for you!