Have you tried our updated ShareFile apps?

If you use ShareFile mobile apps, you already know that being able to access and share information from any device can revolutionize the way you work and travel. With our latest updates, ShareFile apps for iPhone and iPad create an even more fluid workflow.

When you update your ShareFile apps for iOS, you’ll always have the latest versions of your files on your phone or tablet with Folder Sync. Folder Sync allows you to connect folders on your ShareFile account with folders on your device so changes in either location are automatically recognized and transferred to your online account and all synced computers and devices. With Folder Sync, you don’t have to plan ahead or carry bulky files and laptops to work effectively beyond the office.

For ShareFile Enterprise, the updated iOS apps bring the option to edit and annotate documents directly in the application. Our new document editing and PDF annotation features increase the security of your data by allowing you to make changes on the go without requiring downloads of files to your device or interaction with other applications.

To see our new mobile editing tool in action, check out a demonstration by ShareFile Principal Product Manager Pete Schulz.

ShareFile Enterprise clients can contact their dedicated account manager to enable these features.

Have you tried the updated iOS applications? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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