Updated ShareFile App in Time for iPhone 5 Launch

Good news! Major updates have been released to the ShareFile app for iPhone, making it easier to securely access files, share content and collaborate from anywhere.

“ShareFile iOS applications have already seen major momentum with downloads more than doubling each quarter,” said Jesse Lipson, VP and GM, Data Sharing, Citrix. “At Citrix, we’re focused on empowering mobile workers, and today’s ShareFile app for iPhone release provides them with the latest in content sharing and security on any iPhone, including the soon-to-be-released iPhone 5.”

Check out what is new:

Unauthorized access alert: New feature that tracks files viewed in ShareFile for iPhone (and ShareFile for iPad) after a remote wipe is activated, even when the user is offline. The app generates a log, indicating whether files were viewed so that users can determine whether data was compromised – providing critical insight in the event of a lost or stolen device.

Intelligent device security policies: New “poison pill” option enables IT to set data expiration policies, plus multiple preferences settings allow IT to decide whether files can be opened in third-party applications or saved offline.

Enterprise Active Directory integration: ShareFile for iPad connects to Active Directory and SAML enterprise identities for a more seamless and secure user experience.

Improved auditing and reporting: Enhanced capabilities help IT to track and log user activity.

Offline access: Advanced options allow users to save files locally for offline access and editing.

Quickoffice integration: Integration with Quickoffice enables users to edit Microsoft Office documents and save them back to ShareFile.

Easy access to multiple accounts: Redesigned interface makes it simple to view multiple ShareFile accounts and folders, providing users with easy access to all of their data.

Take a sneak peek at screen shots of the updated app:

photo-2 photo-1 photo-4 photo-3






Want to know how ShareFile customers are currently using the mobile apps?

The Salinas Police Department Deputy Chief challenged his team to improve their process for submitting police reports. They were using cassette recorders with a standard tape, which proved to be difficult to manage. The department now uses ShareFile mobile apps to easily file reports from the field.

Babington Technology, a manufacturer of military equipment, uses ShareFile mobile apps to streamline daily operations. The company is required by its government clients to provide weekly written and visual progress reports. With ShareFile’s iOS apps, the process of gathering and sharing images is quick and efficient for the company.

Want to start sharing on-the-go? ShareFile for iPhone is available for download from the App Store in time for the iPhone 5 launch.