Two Years of Easy File Syncing

My name is Preston Kiser and I am a Software Test Engineer here at ShareFile. Since starting with the company in 2010 I’ve had the pleasure to see a number of new releases and changes to our system, and I would like to take some time to discuss one of my personal favorites – ShareFile Sync.

Today marks the two year anniversary of the debut of Desktop Sync. The release of Sync allowed users to quickly and easily integrate ShareFile into their daily workflow. We found that Sync was able to fulfill a variety of needs – allowing accountants to seamlessly upload tax documents to their client folders and ensuring that sales reps in the field always have the most up-to-date figures. The best part of all – it’s fully automated!

Since that time, we have made many improvements to the tool and introduced a number of enhanced versions. In March of 2011 we released Enterprise Sync, which offered improved capabilities for IT management and large-scale deployment. Some of these features include:

• Compatibility with server and network environments

• Ability for an administrator to create and manage sync jobs for multiple user accounts

• Options to constantly run Sync jobs or schedule jobs to run at designated times

• Detailed logging on each sync job

Enterprise Sync saves IT a great deal of time, particularly with setup and configuration. Rather than needing to deploy Desktop Sync to each individual machine and configure every user, Enterprise Sync allows management from a central location in a much more reliable fashion. This tool also replaces many time-consuming projects such as automated FTP and command line integration.

The next evolution of our Sync offerings came in May of 2012, when we released our native Sync client.  To provide the best experience possible, we started from the ground up with a native client optimized for each specific operating system. This allowed us to introduce a number of exciting features, including:

• Real-time synchronization of files

• File Overlays and ShareFile context menu in Windows Explorer/Finder

• Real-time updates in the system tray/icon bar

• AD/SAML Integration

So far the response to this new Sync tool has been terrific. Our development efforts have continued, focusing in particular on first-time user experience, virtualized environment optimization and promoting ease of use. Currently this tool is only available for enterprise customers, but we hope to provide it to all users in the near future.

If you would like more information or training on any of our Sync tools, please let us know! Our account managers and support staff would love to take some time to discuss your options and provide the best solution to benefit you.

If you aren’t using Sync yet, I would encourage you to give it a look – you may very well find that Sync can fit your needs perfectly!

  • Ronald Göggel

    is there a possibility to sync just some directories
    … or to exclude some directories`?
    I don’t need all these files on all my devices.