Try out the new ShareFile Office Online Editing!

Microsoft Office files are the building blocks of online collaboration. Many of us work with Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets every day, and there’s a good chance your ShareFile account is loaded with all three.

But while the apps required to create and edit these files on your desktop are great, they don’t always jell with an optimal workflow. Too often we lose precious time and productivity while wrestling with manual uploads and downloads to file sharing services and email platforms. That’s where our new feature comes in.

ShareFile has partnered with Microsoft Office 365 to solve your workflow woes. The Office Online Editing integration provides a secure and simple way to collaborate on Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, all from the comfort of your web browser.

With Office Online Editing, say goodbye to the old days of downloading files and booting up a separate app, all just to forget to re-upload the file when you’re finally done. Collaborating on a file now is how it should be: quick, easy and available to both employee and client users. You don’t even need Microsoft Office programs installed on your computer!

How Online Editing Works

Once an admin on the ShareFile account enables Office file previewing and editing, as well as File Versioning, users with a commercial Microsoft Office 365 license can sign into ShareFile and edit files stored within the account. Just right-click the Office file, choose the Edit option and verify your Office 365 work or school credentials. The file will open in the Office 365 editor, and any updates you make are automatically saved back to your ShareFile account.

Don’t have a Microsoft Office 365 license? That’s fine, you can still preview files with the Office 365 viewer, no license necessary.

Please note that this feature is not currently compatible with HIPAA Cloud or VDR accounts. Likewise, the Edit option will not be available for files stored with on-premise StorageZones.

Combine this integration with the ability to check out files, and you’ll find that ShareFile provides a smooth and secure collaboration space for you and your colleagues. For more information on this feature and its requirements, check out the ShareFile Knowledge Base.

The next time you’re away from your usual computer but really need to update that spreadsheet, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with Office Online Editing. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below or tweet us @ShareFile, then get back to collaborating!

“In February, Microsoft launched the Cloud Storage Partner Program to make it easier to work with Office documents no matter where they’re stored. Today, the next milestone in our partnership with Citrix is here, integration between ShareFile and Office Online. With more than one billion people using Microsoft Office – one in seven people on the planet – integration with Office Online offers ShareFile customers more flexibility in how they work with individuals and teams across businesses.”

– Kirk Koenigsbauer

CVP, Office 365 Client Apps and Services, Microsoft