The top two FAQ for the Citrix ShareFile support and account management teams

As you can probably guess, the support and account management teams at ShareFile work very closely together to ensure that our customers are receiving the best support and service. We often trade tips and insights for answers to common questions, so we can make sure we’re giving the best possible advice and help.

Here’s my shortlist of the top two questions ShareFile customers usually have for support and account management:

What’s the different between a client user and an employee user?

This one probably comes up the most often with new customers. We usually say to think about an employee user as an internal user or someone who works for your company. On the other hand, a client user is an external user or someone using your ShareFile account that doesn’t work for your company.

For the most part, client and employee users will have a lot of the same functionality, but there’s a couple of differences. Mainly, client users can’t create root-level folders. But, you should keep in mind that they can still create subfolders if they have upload permissions for the main folder.

Additionally, only employee users can use the Send a File and Request a File features in ShareFile. For more information on client and employee users, check out this ShareFile Knowledge Base article.

I forgot my password. Can you reset it for me?

In today’s electronic world of needing a password for the password to your passwords, it’s to be expected that we’re all going to forget a few here and there. And even though it’s common, we still keep data protection and security at the top of our priority list. With that in mind, ShareFile support and account management team members do not have the ability to reset your password for you.

However, we are more than happy to help walk you through the steps for resetting your own password.

To reset your ShareFile password, go to your ShareFile log-in page and click Forgot password?, which appears under Log In. Next, enter the email address associated with your username and click Send. In a few short moments, you should receive an email with directions to set a new password. In some cases, you may not be set up as a user or you may not have the permission to reset your password, so you’ll need to contact your account administrator for help.

You can read more about resetting your ShareFile password in this Knowledge Base article.

If you ever have a question about your account, you can find many answers in our Knowledge Base at And as always, our support team is here to help.