Top 5 tips for new graduates

We recently wrapped up our ShareMore Advice Contest, where we collected the top tips for new graduates. We loved reading all of the inspirational advice!

Here are our top-five favorite pieces of advice:

  1. “Realize that no job is beneath you. Working any job, doing it well and being a good worker and having that on your work history is better than sitting around waiting for that “perfect” or “dream” job, or having a bad work history. And remember to search for your opportunities while you’re at it, they don’t always just fall into your lap.” –Tacy
  2. “Keep an open mind, explore all opportunities!” –Diana
  3. “Never compromise who you are nor discard your personal values or ethics with the intent to fit into your environment or workplace propaganda. If that job or any job is meant for you, you won’t ever have to change. Stay strong, be positive and trust in God.” –Latisha
  4. “Never take the easy road. Take one day at a time and enjoy what you are doing.” –Ysidoro
  5. And the winner of the contest: “It is all about attitude. If you have a positive attitude and willingness to learn, you will go far. An employer can teach you new skills, but teaching and changing someone’s attitude is very difficult. Volunteering works well, too. Give your best always and work on your communication skills. These abilities are always in great demand. And be yourself!”  –Gayle

Congratulations to Gayle and all the graduates!