Top 5 tips for the mobile mom

As moms, we are constantly on the go, forever on call and never without a task. How do we obtain our goal of being our professional best as we strive to be the be the best mom in the entire world? At Citrix, we have mobile tools to drive success and as a ShareFile user, you have the keys too!

Use plugins to create efficiencies.

Snuggled away in the Health Room and hooked up to my contraption, I found myself tapping away on my laptop to the cadence of the familiar hum drum of the pump. Ping! An email came through Outlook asking for documents to support new hire training. Faster than I could pick up a pacifier before it reaches the 5 second rule, I dropped an entire folder into the email response. The ShareFile Outlook Plug-In sent the information all in one email.

Automate when possible.

A computer, pump, Munchkin’s milk, water and a snack spilled out of my arms while I typed a response to an email. Although being a mom took restful nights away, it did provide the ability to figure out how carry everything at one time. As I walked from the Health Room to the desk, I remembered that I needed to e-sign Munchkin’s monthly food quantity form for daycare. The daycare asked for this form so often that I stored it in my personal Daycare Folder housed in ShareFile. I found the document in my folder and clicked for signature. Since I send this form monthly, RightSignature recognized my document and gave the option to import previous fields. I selected my saved signature and sent the form via RightSignature. Thanks to mobility, this work/life practice took less than a minute.

Be prepared to go offline.

Sharing is not always caring. As we are all try to teach our children the fruitful lessons of sharing, there are times we wish they would not choose to implement their new profound skill. The colds and the germs are the worst – if it grows on a Petri dish, my child gets it. The most recent sharing technique was the dreaded pink eye and I caught it too, meaning double the doctor appointments. (But really, how could I not catch it? I can’t stop kissing the cutie!) I sat in the doctor’s office for over an hour, waiting for the first appointment available. There was no Wi-Fi available but I was still productive since my files are available offline.

Get in sync.

When we got home, Munchkin fell asleep in her car seat and I worked beside her, laptop in hand with spare pacifier resting between me and the car seat. Life is good. I realize that in the chaos of the day, I left my laptop charger in the office. Thanks to the ShareFile Sync tool, the constant sync of my work laptop and my computer at home to my ShareFile account prevented a potentially disastrous afternoon. Everything I need to complete and return to the folder is at home and any updates I make now will be waiting at work tomorrow.

Let work and life intersect to streamline apps.

My ShareFile files and folders are mine to use both professionally and personally. In addition to storing daycare forms, I use the ShareFile mobile app personally to store phone pictures since my phone storage fills every 5 days. (Every single thing Munchkin does so adorable and I want to capture each moment!) Today I opened the ShareFile app on my phone and since I am a natural organizer, I selected the 11-month folder and uploaded pictures. Thank goodness my storage is unlimited!

Being a mom is never easy and being a working mom is filled with challenges that I never expected. But with mobility, it makes those unplanned moments a smooth transition.

Happy Mother’s Day to our ShareFile mothers and those who support their work!