Tip-off your small business in 2016

Tournament season is upon us again and everyone loves the underdog — the wild card, the team that goes farther than any fan ever dreamed. In today’s economy, those Cinderella stories are similar to starting and running a small business.

Like a long shot team in a tournament, success is no easy feat when you’re a small business. It takes hard work, determination, and solid skill and technology foundations. Here are a few tips to turning your small business into a successful Cinderella story:

The best offense is a good defense.

The best way of attacking something is to prepare for it. Starting a small business is intimidating but going at it with a precise plan can make that mountain seem smaller. Know your product and know your market. If watching film before a game helps you prepare for an opponent, curling up with reports will help you know if your business has staying power.

Own your story.

The Cinderellas of tournament folklore all have special stories that make them legendary. In the business world, your story is the backbone of your brand and you should use it to set yourself apart from your competitors. A good story will help you win the hearts of customers and develop a loyal fanbase.

Go out and get buckets.

Now that you have a game plan and a solid story, go out there and drive sales. This game is about hustle but if you put in the work and give 110% effort, your Cinderella story doesn’t have to end in the first round.