Three ways to show your clients you care how you share

You judge how professional your clients and employees are every day. They do the same to you. Are you sure you’re not coming up short in their eyes?

Do you email files too big for them to open? Make it time-consuming for them to access confidential files? Send documents to fill out by hand and return slowly by mail or in person? Have them wait because you must remove or back up items from your server?

These “little” things can add up to big problems. They generate an image of your business being unable to deliver promptly, which can lead to loss of confidence in you. To prevent that from happening, here are three easy tips to show your customers you care how you share.

1) Implement a secure file-sharing solution. Files can be sent from your email with just a couple of clicks, no matter how large they are. The top tools allow you to upload and transfer files with links that are easy to open and provide recipients direct access. There’s no difficult hardware to install, software to maintain or need for additional IT resources. As far as security, you determine who has access to particular folders via password-protection. It all adds up to the smartest, quickest way to share information with your customers and colleagues today.

2) Use e-signatures. When even the IRS is expanding the use of electronic signatures on its forms, you know that major change is occurring. E-signatures are a legally binding solution that people can send via attachments or links email and track down on their progress. For recipients, they can use any mobile device to access and type in their names in seconds, making the process less tedious. With e-signatures, you can complete transactions anywhere 24/7 and make major savings in time and paper costs, plus your clients will appreciate the convenience you offer them.

3) Increase your storage space by using the cloud. Already more than half of U.S. businesses rely on cloud-based storage over internal networks and servers for storing data. Why? Because with the cloud, you can access unlimited documents, images, videos and any other files anytime with any Internet-connected device. The best cloud storage offers top security with a system of datacenters that can back up files and lets you encrypt and even wipe data clean immediately as needed (in case of lost or stolen devices). You can’t misplace your data unless you take it out of the cloud. That makes it ideal for smoother workflow operations.

Care how you share. Try a customizable, mobile way to securely share, send and sync files, as well as get signatures faster. By improving your experiences with clients and employees, you gain more engagement with the former and more productivity from the latter. This is one makeover guaranteed to produce benefits for you for a long time.

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About the Author

Wesley Hyatt is a writer/editor for Citrix ShareFile and author of eight books with more than 25 years of communications and media experience. He’s modest too.