Three tips for making BYOD work for your business

No one likes carrying both a personal and business mobile device. That’s why more business people are turning to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs to streamline work and life. However, some businesses may not have a policy in place or fear that they’ll lose control over their data and the security their employees and clients require.

Don’t let these or other BYOD concerns make you miss out on a great thing. Follow these three tips to make BYOD work for your business.

Study how devices are used.

It may seem obvious, but you need to map out all of the ways you access and use business data on your personal device. Some items like email are essential, but don’t forget that you’ll need to view, share, edit and request files on the go — securely and professionally.

Once you have a list of things you need to do, you can find the tools that will protect your data.

Enforce your security policy.

A great BYOD policy works for everyone at the firm. Now that you mapped out your use cases, you can build a security policy to meet those needs. The big thing here is not just creating your policy, but making sure that you enforce it.

How? First of all, don’t trust or allow a free-for-all file-access system that falls short on security.

With robust administrative controls from built-for-business tools such as Citrix ShareFile, you can remotely wipe and lock a device, manage all employee users and control exactly who sees what files and when on a mobile device. You’ll get the security you need with the simple mobile file sharing, editing and syncing your employees and clients want.

Balance flexibility with data control.

It’s not fair to say “Bring your device,” then limit them to certain devices and platforms. Find tools that give you flexibility with security. The mobile apps from ShareFile, for example, are available on any smartphone or tablet — iOS, Android or Windows Phone — so your employees and customers really can get to their files safely on their devices.

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