Share motivation, not colds: Three things you need to share online

Sharing is easy. With the world at our fingertips through mobile devices, cloud storage and apps, we share documents and pictures and personal thoughts with a few quick taps and a send button. However, we must consider the efficiency of our sharing, making sure that we optimize time, brain power and technology to the fullest.

So when you ask yourself, “Should I share this?”, here’s our advice on what to do.

1. Share trends.

Except your cold. Please don’t make the sniffles a new trend among co-workers. Instead, consider a daily or weekly email to your team or company that lists trending topics in the industry and world. For even more efficiency, consider a communication platform or tool to streamline things. Take a quick perusal of local and world news sites, industry blogs and social media and create an email that’s easy to scan. Link to the articles with succinct summaries that describe how that trend may apply to business objectives.

2. Share motivation.

While putting on headphones and turning up the volume is my favorite way to get the juices flowing in the post-lunch afternoon slump, I doubt my co-workers would appreciate my eclectic music taste. In return, I appreciate that they don’t share their preferences with me just in case someone’s a big fan of disco dance music.

When it comes to group motivation, I find that hosting a brainstorm achieves incredible inspiration when these two hard rules are applied: a) no idea is a bad idea and b) coffee must be present at the meeting.

Brainstorms are meant to be dumps  so that great ideas can bubble to the surface. Don’t put restrictions on how big or wild or granular ideas must be ¾ instead, feed attendees with a story prompt, outlining the scenario of a problem you’d like to solve. Write down the ideas as they come and worry about cleaning up ideas, discarding the crazy and fleshing out the good stuff later.

3. Share innovation.

 There’s no downside to sharing new ideas, but our crowded work weeks make sharing efficiently a priority. It can be hard to nail down a meeting time with your manager, higher ups and even peers. Tech glitches in a meeting presentation cause distractions, and frankly, I always prefer to peruse and marinate on new ideas, metrics of success and project learnings in my own time rather than having to respond on the spot in a meeting.

To save time and add efficiency, store the wrap up of your latest project in the cloud. With ShareFile, it is easy to create a shared folder that all can access that includes the pretty wrap-up report and all supporting documents. Co-workers can peruse all aspects of your project at leisure and with the new collaboration tools in Microsoft Office 365, they can even ask questions and make comments in real time about the project. Consider it an extremely convenient virtual presentation for busy employees.

In this fast-paced world of business, it becomes more important than ever to share with confidence and security. What can you share with your team and customers today to help motivate, inspire and encourage?

About the Author

Beth Anne Ballance joined the Citrix team in 2015. A Raleigh native, she graduated from UNC-Greensboro as the Joseph M. Bryan Scholar. With a background in social media strategy, she was named TIME’s 8th Sassiest Brand on Twitter.