Three simple steps to make document audits and organization easier

The IRS will do an estimated 1 million audits this year alone. Are you prepared in case this happens to your business?

Experts say your best defense to avoid audits is to file a complete and accurate return and have good records. With the combination of ShareFile and RightSignature, you can do both easily.

ShareFile lets you share large files securely, and RightSignature offers a secure way to sign documents online. Together, they expand users’ collaboration and document management processes for better organization. Here’s all you have to do:

1) Send a request for a signature. Select a document stored in your ShareFile account that needs a signature, and use the simple editor provided by RightSignature to drag and drop text fields or checkboxes for the recipient to fill out. With the Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, you can use your Outlook account to write an email to the recipient, who will be automatically notified by the link to a secure page where he or she can see and sign the document.

2) Get the document signed securely. The recipient will see on the document exactly where his or her signatures are needed. He or she will fill it out by moving their mouse or using a finger on the touchscreen on a mobile device. You get a handwritten-style signature — the kind of e-signature most participants prefer to use — and better yet, the IRS accepts this as legally binding. There’s no need for the recipient to have a ShareFile or RightSignature account for this to happen.

3) Save the document easily. Once signed, that document goes right back to being saved in your secure ShareFile account instantly. You now have all your necessary documentation on file that is as easy to access as it is to archive. Every document executed on RightSignature includes signer information, an audit log and a unique identification number. Just keep them all in your ShareFile account, and you’re ready to go with all the information you need to know!

You now don’t have to search endlessly to find a paper trail documenting your purchases, expenses, contracts and IRS forms. It’s all there, and it’s authenticated. And it works for NDAs, contracts, employment letters and other business documents that are crucial elements in your workflow.

Try ShareFile now to obtain access to RightSignature. You’ll end the hassles of looking for legal proof about agreements, plans and other crucial elements in your business, stop wasting critical time and money in your everyday activities, and make any audit you face as painless as possible.

About the Author

Wesley Hyatt is a writer/editor for Citrix ShareFile and author of eight books with more than 25 years of communications and media experience. He’s modest too.