The ShareFile Library: Our Top Reads for Customer Service

A few months ago we kicked off The ShareFile Library at our office. It is a quiet little corner of the building (which is hard to come by) complete with a couple couches and more than 100 books for our employees to check out. All of the books were recommended by managers and directors at the company, and many relate specifically to business and personal development.

Want to provide the best customer service? Here are our recommendations: 

Exceptional Service, Exceptional ProfitExceptional Service, Exceptional Profit by Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon
In a tight market, your most powerful growth engine — and your best protection from competitive inroads — is this: put everything you can into cultivating true customer loyalty. Loyal customers are less sensitive to price competition, more forgiving of small glitches, and, ultimately, become “walking billboards” who will happily promote your brand. In Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit, insiders Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon reveal the secrets of providing online and offline customer service so superior it nearly guarantees loyalty. Their anticipatory customer service approach was first developed at The Ritz-Carlton as well as at Solomon’s company Oasis, and has since proven itself in countless companies around the globe — from luxury giant BVLGARI to value-sensitive auto parts leader Carquest, and everywhere in between. Filled with detailed, behind-the-scenes examples, the book unlocks a new level of customer relationship that leaves your competitors in the dust, your customers coming back day after day, and your bottom line looking better than it ever has before.

The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth by Fred Reichheld

CEOs regularly announce ambitious growth targets, then fail to achieve them. The reason? Their growing addiction to bad profits. These corporate steroids boost short-term earnings but alienate customers. They undermine growth by creating legions of detractors — customers who complain loudly about the company and switch to competitors at the earliest opportunity. Now loyalty expert Fred Reichheld shows how to reverse the equation, turning customers into promoters who generate good profits and true, sustainable growth. The key is one simple question — Would you recommend us to a friend? — that allows companies to track promoters and detractors and produces a clear measure of an organization’s performance through its customers’ eyes. In industry after industry, this Net Promoter Score is the single most reliable indicator of a company’s ability to grow. ‘Ultimate question’ shows how companies can rigorously measure Net Promoter statistics, help managers improve them, and create communities of passionate advocates that stimulate innovation. Stories from leading-edge organizations illustrate the ideas in practice.

Delivering HappinessDelivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh
In Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh — the widely-admired CEO of Zappos, the online shoe retailer — explains how he created a corporate culture with a commitment to service that aims to improve the lives of its employees, customers, vendors, and backers. Using anecdotes and stories from his own life experiences, and from other companies, Hsieh provides concrete ways that companies can achieve unprecedented success. He details many of the unique practices at Zappos, such as their philosophy of allocating marketing money into the customer experience, the importance of Zappos’s Core Values (“Deliver WOW through Service”), and the reason why Zappos’s number one priority is company culture and his belief that once you get the culture right, everything else — great customer service, long-term branding — will happen on its own. Finally, Delivering Happiness explains how Zappos employees actually apply the Core Values to improving their lives outside of work, proving that creating happiness and record results go hand-in-hand.

We are always looking for new books to add to the library — what are your favorite sales and customer service-related reads? Share them with us below.

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