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The luck of the ShareFile: It’s easy being green

The world may be avoiding pinches today, but it’s easy being green at Citrix ShareFile. We’re lucky to have green in our brand logo and t-shirts to match, so I doubt any Citrix ShareFile employees will have trouble finding something to wear today. But our commitment to green to goes way beyond our branding and company swag.  These are just some of the ways ShareFile works hard to keep it green on St. Patrick’s day and every other day of the year.

Enter a natural state of work.

True story – I’m actually writing this blog post from the third floor terrace. It’s a breezy, sunny 75 degrees outside and fresh air is the perfect antidote to winter blues. With mobile solutions, powerful wifi, and plenty of open spaces, Citrix makes it easy for employees to get fresh air throughout the day. On days when it’s raining or too cold, we’re still treated to fresh oxygen in the building thanks to our living wall, a structure of plants that spans two stories. Leafy greens getting you hungry for salad? We have the perfect greens upstairs in our café.

Put a little green on the plate.

In Dillon’s Café, Citrix employees are able to choose from numerous local farm-to-fork options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With the Simply Fit program and expansive salad bar, Citrites are empowered to choose healthier options to help them live and work better. For those that remember their Simply Fit card, 10 heart-shaped hole punches earn a free meal on Citrix!

Enjoy a transportation upgrade.

Despite our amazing café, we’re lucky to share a zip code with some of the best restaurants in the area. While most are in quick walking distance, grabbing one of the Citrix bikes is the perfect way to explore a little farther into downtown Raleigh. When Citrites leave their cars in our parking deck in favor of human-powered wheels, it’s friendly to both the heart and the environment.

Just say no to paper.

In the most obvious way, Citrix ShareFile stays green by transferring files and documents through our own paperless system. Thanks to e-signatures, co-editing, and file sharing, ShareFile saves an average of 51,600 trees per year by going easy on the printer.

It’s our most favorite way to be green.

As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we’d love to know how your company stays green throughout the year! Leave a comment or join the conversation on Twitter by tagging @ShareFile.