The Benefits of Workshifting and Traveling with Citrix ShareFile

In the modern workplace, fewer and fewer companies are mandating that employees stay pinned to their desks from 8:00am to 5:00pm. The age of mobility is upon us, and it has made the theory behind  ‘workshifting’ a fact: you can travel anywhere and continue to be just as effective at your job as you would be at your desk. This is particularly good news for all of us who are planning vacations this summer and don’t want to come home to a large pile of work!

Citrix’s motto is ‘Work better. Live better.’ To me it means that if you enable your employees to be as effective as possible from wherever they are, they will be happier, more satisfied, and more productive because it allows for a better work life/personal life blend.

Citrix ShareFile is an important tool for a workshifting strategy. As a completely web-based secure file sharing and cloud storage service, ShareFile allows users to access data from multiple locations, seamlessly and securely. No longer are employees forced to only work on presentations, spreadsheets and other documents at their desks in the office. With ShareFile, employees can log in at any computer, be it a home PC or a friend’s Mac, and access a document, edit it, and save or sync it back to the ShareFile account.

ShareFile’s mobile applications for iOS and Android make it easy for the road warrior to access and review documents while on the go. With the iOS applications, users can download, edit, and save changes from wherever they are, without a computer or even a wi-fi connection.

Recently, ShareFile also announced ‘Connectors’ capability, which allows employees to quickly access documents that are available in their company’s SharePoint repository or network location. It’s just one more way ShareFile is making it possible for employees to work more effectively and efficiently, from wherever they need to be.

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