ShareFile Celebrates Telework Week

With Citrix being a sponsor of Telework Week, taking place this week March 4-8, we took the opportunity to sit down with Jesse Lipson, ShareFile Founder and VP and GM of Data Sharing at Citrix, to discuss his view on teleworking and the ever evolving work space.

As someone who has two start-ups under his belt and is leading a business at Citrix, how do you feel about the adoption of teleworking?

I feel like enabling teleworking in your business is very practical when trying to attract top talent to your company. Teleworking does not just encompass working from home, but also includes working away from the main hub, in satellite offices. Whether an employee is working from the main office, satellite offices or from home, I don’t want location to ever hinder me from bringing on a great employee. This is one of the reasons why Citrix has offices all over the world, to bring talent in from all over the world.

Do you telework/workshift yourself?

In my role as GM, I travel quite a bit and by default am constantly workshifting, working from other offices, coffee shops, airports and home. However, working at Citrix, I feel like we have all the tools we need to allow me to be productive no matter where I am.

Do you encourage your employees to telework/workshift as well?

I think it depends on the role and the person, but we have plenty of workshifting that happens in my team. In fact, half of my direct reports do not work from our main office in Raleigh. I want to build the best team I can and I feel that if you are uncompromising on teleworking, you may lose the opportunity to hire the best employees.

What are the major trends you are seeing in how we work today?

It is very clear that as we begin to adopt more and more mobile tools like smart phones, tablets and apps that we are becoming a more mobile workforce. Almost every company enables workshifting in one way or another. Think about how often people will check their emails from home in the morning before heading into the office, or from home after work. It is becoming a lot harder to separate work and life, and rather than try to reign your employees into the office, it is better to just focus on ensuring employees can be productive from anywhere. Brett , Senior Vice President and GM of Citrix’s Online Services Division addresses this really well in his recent blog post on How Workstyles are Changing.

Has the shift in work styles affected how you are setting up ShareFile’s new office?

It has. With the lines between work and life blurring, we are trying to bring them into harmony. If work is blending into your personal life when you are checking emails at 8:00 p.m., then we think it’s also important to blend more fun things into the office. With this in mind we are making our office a more interesting environment to be in, with the addition of a rooftop yoga studio, racquetball courts and a juice bar to name a few. I don’t feel like you need to be at your desk to be productive, and I want our office to reflect that.