8 Future-proof tech gifts to give in 2017

While it seems like I just flew out to Lake Tahoe and played at the beach this summer, it is three days before Thanksgiving and I sit wondering how the time flew by so quickly. This season is my personal favorite – I love the hustle of Q4 at the office and twinkle lights at home. I love awkward office pot luck lunches and picking out the perfect present. Working at Citrix, I began thinking about the gift of technology and how it helps us simplify the tasks that we do every day. What an amazing gift to give this holiday season! So with Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner (in a mixture of not-expensive to splurge), here are my personal favorite tech gifts to give:

Slim wireless headphones

I work in an open office, so quality headphones are a must and big heavy ones can be exhausting throughout the day. Slim headphones like these eliminate the need for a headphone jack, can switch from phone to computer with ease, and clasp with magnets around your neck as you move meeting to meeting throughout the day.

Power Bank

Sure, these are handed out at conferences all the time. But investing in a really good power bank is fantastic for work life and for winter power outages.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo can get your day started with weather, news, and meditations. It can set kitchen timers, calculate measurement conversions, and act as a white noise machine when you’re done listening to your Pandora playlist. Did you know it can also sync to your ShareFile account? Watch how that works with Lauren Pritchett, through our Innovators Program!

Smart home devices

Like a Nest, Nest security cameras, or Ring video doorbell, 2018 is about getting your home to work smarter for you. For many of us that work from home on a regular basis, being able to judge if it’s worth answering the door is critical to productivity and security can never be emphasized enough (Be sure to include solar panels for power when available!).

USB wall outlets

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly battling for USB charging blocks with the rest of your family. USB-empowered wall outlets take away the need for blocks, as you can simply plug your USB directly into the outlet. It’s an easy upgrade that makes life so much easier (especially when your phone battery is at 3%).

Philips Wake-up Light with Sunrise Simulation

Working all day in the office (especially in the winter) can throw off your body’s natural rhythm. This alarm clock simulates the sunrise, helping you wake more naturally and peacefully. Ready to start your day feeling zen?

Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack

This backpack keeps your laptop locked, plays up to 96 hours of music on Bluetooth speakers, and can give you one recharge on your electronics for every 4 hours of sunlight. I’m all about products that let you stay productive while on the go!

Reusable screen cleaner

Smudges, smears, fingerprints – it’s all part of touch screen technology! If you need a perfect last-minute under-$20 gift, reusable screen rollers are perfect for anyone with a smart phone, iPad, or computer.

What is on your holiday wish list this year? Let us know @ShareFile on Twitter!

About the Author

Beth Anne Ballance joined the Citrix ShareFile team in 2015 as the Social Media Marketing Manager. A Raleigh native, she graduated from UNC-Greensboro as the Joseph M. Bryan Scholar and was named TIME’s 8th Sassiest Brand on Twitter.