Synergy- In case you missed it!

Citrix Synergy was hosted in L.A. this past week, and was the place to be if you want to be in the know about what Citrix has in store for the future. Of all the new products, features and technology advances, one shone bright through the excitement. Citrix is going mobile.

At Synergy, the virtualization company displayed its new XenMobile product. With XenMobile, Citrix is aiming to ease the growing concerns of enterprise IT specialists by securing their users’ mobile devices with a new suite of IT-controlled apps and enhanced security features. Among the native applications provided by the offering are WorxMail, a secure mail client for your Android or iOS powered device, WorxWeb, which allows for browsing the web based on IT-enforced parameters, and last but not least, Citrix ShareFile, the tool for secure file transfer and storage.

ShareFile also unveiled a few more tricks with its mobile application. Along with serving as the file system for the XenMobile suite of Worx mobile applications, ShareFile now allows you to tap into existing network shares to review and edit documents, as well as Microsoft SharePoint locations. This new SharePoint connector also allows users to check out documents, make a few edits on their mobile device and when they’re done, check them back in.  This breakthrough allows users to be more efficient from wherever they may be, while still getting all of the security benefits that ShareFile provides and IT professionals desire.

Citrix also displayed more of the newest upgrades and features to their extensive list of tools that allow for enterprise users to be more efficient and flexible while still meeting the security criteria from CTOs and CIOs. ShareFile has proven to be growing piece in this IT puzzle and things seem to just be getting started.