Get your files and your business in sync

If you’re a ShareFile Sync user, you know our sync tools for Windows and Mac keep your files up to date across all devices — seamlessly and automatically — all while you go about your business. The sync client runs on your PC or Mac, you simply drag and drop files into the ShareFile folder on your computer, and your ShareFile account is automatically updated.

What’s more, when anyone else uploads a file to your ShareFile account, your nifty sync tool updates the folder on your desktop. And because sync runs 24/7, you and anyone else who has access to your ShareFile folders always have access to the most current files.

But what does that actually mean for how you work? We asked one ShareFile customer how he uses the sync tool to streamline his business and save time.

Kevin Austin, CEO of Double Data, a small firm in the printing and design industry, says first and foremost, he needs “a seamless solution for exchanging files with customers.”

“With ShareFile, customers can easily upload files directly to our website, and using ShareFile Sync for Windows, we can open, edit and send the files back to the customer without ever opening a web browser,” says Austin.

He can skip the web browser because once a customer uploads a file to his ShareFile account, the sync tool makes sure the file automatically syncs to the main file structure on his desktop.

It’s a two-way street: Whenever Austin opens and edits a file from his synced desktop folder, his changes save directly back to ShareFile — without any extra steps. And because all of his employees also use the sync tool, everybody is always, well, in sync.

“When the files are finalized, we don’t have to send them around the office to get printing started; everyone automatically has the most recent versions since we use the sync tool,” says Austin.

ShareFile Sync for Windows and ShareFile Sync for Mac are easy to install, and once they’re set up they automatically begin syncing your ShareFile ‘My Files and Folders’ to your desktop. File icons let you know which files have synced properly or if there’s a problem, and if you use Microsoft Office, the sync tool automatically registers for use within each application.

As Austin puts it, “ShareFile saves us time and money by streamlining our business and keeping our data in sync everywhere we need it!”

Want to learn more? Check out our knowledge base for info on ShareFile Sync for Windows and ShareFile Sync for Mac, and click on the Apps tab on your ShareFile account’s navigation bar to download the tool that works for you.