Summer of ShareFile: new feature roundup

It’s been a summer to remember. No, I’m not just talking about heat waves and shark attacks. Here at Citrix, we’ve spent our summer working hard to improve every facet of your ShareFile experience. Just what have we been up to? Take a look at these five new features that we hope will make streamlining your file sharing even easier.

Drag-and-drop uploads

Need to upload some project files, but can’t stand the chore of clicking this button, locating that file, clicking that other button and then waiting on the progress bar? Don’t worry: As a content manager, I feel your pain. Lucky for us (and our need for speed), ShareFile now allows drag-and-drop uploads directly into your online portal. Just sign in to your account, open the folder and drag your file right into your web browser. We’ll handle the rest. Easy, huh?

Bounce notifications

Picture this: It’s the frenzied final days of tax season, and you have sensitive files you needed to send yesterday. You log in to your file-sharing service of choice, upload the file and send it. Days go by with no response. The creeping dread builds. You make a phone call, and to your horror, your message was never received. Perhaps your recipient’s email server was full. Or even worse: You botched the email address with a typo.

With the new bounce notifications feature from ShareFile, you’ll never have to live that nightmare. You’ll get an instant notification if your ShareFile message bounces due to a full server, an expired email address or some other cause. To turn on this feature, head to the My Settings section of your account and enable Bounce Back Emails.

ShareFile Desktop App

Everyone can appreciate a good desktop tool — one that’s quick, convenient, never gets in the way and is always there when you need it in a pinch. Say hello to the new ShareFile Desktop App!

Our newest desktop app enables secure one-click access to ShareFile without having to open a web browser. Focused on speed and convenience, this app is a flexible way to manage your ShareFile account straight from your desktop. With a robust and flexible feature set including drag and drop functionality, keyboard shortcut support, native interactions and adjustable windows, this app is great for you, employees and even client users. Visit our Knowledge Base for a comprehensive list of things the app can do, then head to the Apps section of your ShareFile account and download it today.

ShareFile Mobile App updates

Not to be outdone by the desktop crew, our mobile development team had a busy summer improving the suite of ShareFile mobile apps. We’ve made visual tweaks to our iOS apps and improved how they integrate with other apps on your device. On the Android front, the new floating action button (FAB) is here to make uploading, creating and requesting files a breeze. Our Windows 8 app for desktop and tablets has gotten in on the action with a flurry of new features, including navigation improvements, connectors support and folder permission management. So feel free to manage your files from poolside; we won’t judge (but we might be jealous).

Reporting improvements

If you’re an Admin on your ShareFile account, chances are you noticed the smooth new look of the reporting section. ShareFile has also simplified the report creation process and improved how ShareFile handles recurring reports. You can now save your recurring reports to a folder in your account. Need an automated way to share daily, weekly or monthly reports with your staff? It just takes a few clicks. Hiring a new employee that needs access to the data? No problem, just add them to the folder. Read this knowledge base article for more detailed information on creating and managing reports.

These are just some of our newest features, but the summer is far from over! As always, you can explore new feature updates at the ShareFile Knowledge Base. Let us know what you think in the comments below or tweet us @ShareFile, then get back to the beach!

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  • Ronald Myer

    When will you make the sync for Windows for users that have multiple subfolders with the same name? There needs to be an option to allow users to see parent folder names, even if they don’t have access to the files within the parent folder. I know you don’t like this option as you may not want users to see parent folder names, but some business do not run that way. Because I work with 4 companies, I don’t want to sync all files for all companies, what I am left with is 4 folders on my pc that are named “2015” and I have no idea which company they are for. This is a well documented issue that needs addressed this year.

    • J Metts

      Hey Ronald – I hear you! Thanks for telling us about your issue. I’ll forward your use case to our Product Management team. They’re always looking for ways to improve our apps to better serve our customers and I know they’ll be interested in your feedback. Keep an eye out for updates!