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5 Tips for spring cleaning your workspace

With the long spring weekend behind us and warm weather approaching, the ShareFile office is starting to feel spring fever. Our living wall looks fresh and green, our marketing team has extra pep in their step, and our facilities team is doing a fantastic job making sure the office plants and break rooms look bright and crisp. It’s inspiring many of our Citrites to declutter and wipe down their work stations.

Last week, we gave you our best tips on cleaning up your file system. This week, we’re sprucing up the physical part of your office for better workspace balance. Here are a few of our favorite spring cleaning tips for your desk.

Invest in a plant

Plants are a great addition to your desktop decor. They add life to the office environment and research studies shows there are many positive benefits of keeping a plant at your desk. From reduced stress and illness to increased levels of creativity and productivity, investing in a desk plant is a simple way to make a big impact on your overall well-being at work.

Best plants for the office:

Set aside time to tidy up

In your day-to-day work routine, it is difficult to find dedicated time for tidying up and organizing your workspace. However, with how directly your work environment can affect your health, mood, concentration, productivity levels and more, keeping a tidy, well-organized workspace is an easy way to boost work performance.

Schedule monthly or bi-monthly desk cleanings directly on your work calendar for:


Get inspired with personalized office supplies

Walking around the office, the most inspiring workspaces are those that highlight my co-workers’ personalities. Ditch the generic, stock office supplies that you’ve been hoarding for more unique pieces that not only show off your style but also bring some life – and maybe a little fun – to your space.

Easy desk accessories to personalize:

Explore new office essentials

A great way to refresh your workspace is to stock up on all of your workspace essentials – and even try new ones! Think about what you need or use on a daily basis that you could not, or would hate to have to function without – whether it be a spare pair of headphones, mints, lip balm, candy, energy drinks, screen cleaners, or device chargers.

The new office essentials:

Refresh your desk photos

Whether you’ve been in your job for more than 10 years or 10 months, think back to the last time you updated your desk photos. If you’re anything like most of us, it has been a pretty long time.

It might be time to update your desk photos, if


With these tips, your office and desk should be ready for a productive, balanced Q2!