Speed up workflows by working from the cloud

Confession: I am terrible at puzzles. So I dreaded days past when people sent me three emails containing separate pieces of one file. Fortunately, I work at ShareFile and send or receive any large files as one link or attachment though email.

This simple solution was the missing piece of time management! Instead of loading files to a flash drive, waiting on the mail carrier service, and risking file loss, I send files securely and quickly with a few clicks of the mouse. I have not touched a flash drive in at least two years, I never worry about stolen information and only use “snail mail” for thank you notes.

File saving and file usage with ShareFile is faster. I think that that’s the biggest difference that we’ve seen — time savings.
Elizabeth Santi, Project Manager, Astute Financial Consulting

For my employer, this means I am able to focus on my speciality rather than logistics. I spend more time speaking with our customers, helping them find solutions to speed up their own workflows.

Before ShareFile, it would take us the better part of three or four days to get done what now happens instantaneously. We really needed an efficient way to make inquiries with subcontractors and suppliers for various elements of a project — and, luckily, we found our solution in ShareFile.
Alex DeCouto, president, Greymane Contracting

Did you find that ShareFile was the missing piece to speed up your workflows?

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