Four soccer strategies you can use in business every day

While my soccer career never made it past my youth league (much to my dad’s dismay), I’ve always enjoyed the game. And with all of the current hoopla surrounding the big international matches, it seemed fitting to talk about what we can learn — and use in every day life — from the game. I spoke with Sr. Web Marketing and Conversion Manager Yan Autphenne, our resident soccer expert, about which on-the-field moves and game-winning strategies you can apply to business.

1. A solid defense allows your offense to be more creative. To be able to take more risks and try new things, you need a product that’s solidly built and up to speed with the competition. And only when you have real confidence in your current product can you comfortably start moving forward on your next big ideas.

2. Use the Total Football concept. Pioneered by the Dutch football club Ajax in the ‘60s and 70s, Total Football is the idea that you should train your players to play any position, which allows your team to fill in gaps if needed. Similarly, empowering your employees to be more knowledgeable in the different aspects of the business makes your whole team stronger.

3. Flare players win games; collective teams win tournaments. Flashy, big-name players can help score goals, but it takes a whole team working really well together to be truly successful. The same goes for every business. A salesperson can close a single deal, but a business can’t thrive without marketing materials, a well-made product, administrative professionals, etc.

4. See the field. In soccer, it’s critical to know where your teammates are and know what’s happening on the field. In the business world, your industry is your playing field and the exact same rules apply. You should know what the trends are and what your competition is doing.

Are you a soccer fan? What are some football strategies you use every day in business?