A sneak peek at the 2015 ShareFile road map 

We’ve done some pretty awesome things this year at ShareFile. We released a new iPhone and iPad app. We acquired RightSignature to better serve our customers. And we launched new integrations to help you do more work in fewer steps. As busy as it’s been this year, we have even more in store for 2015.

Jordan Berkley, the senior product line manager at ShareFile, and Peter Schulz, senior manager of product management, work day in and day out to plan that next big thing for our web tools, desktop tools and mobile apps, so you can trust that when you turn to ShareFile, you get fast, reliable, easy-to-use and always secure file sharing (and access, editing, requesting and syncing).

Are you ready for a sneak peek at what’s in store? We sat down with Jordan and Peter for a look at his 2015 road map and must haves for ShareFile.

Q: What does the big picture look like for ShareFile in 2015?

A: We have grown quite a bit in the last couple of years, both in our enterprise and SMB offerings. Because of that, you’ll see a continued emphasis in both those areas, with new features like Restricted Zones, which enable enterprise customers to keep their data on premise and protect it using their own private keys.

Mobile workflows will also remain a priority, so you can look forward to the addition of presenter’s mode for PowerPoint on iPad and iPhone, which we think is a pretty cool feature. In addition, we want to focus on ways to connect to our customers’ critical document workflows — things like e-signature with RightSignature and document scanning with the Fujitsu ScanSnap integration.

We’re also working on enhanced collaboration to help teams work together more effectively, so be on the lookout for new features that offer easier ways to access your ShareFile documents and collaborate with your colleagues and clients.

Q: What are you most excited about for next year?

A: Without a doubt, I’m excited for our industry-specific solutions for accounting, financial, legal, healthcare, insurance and other regulated areas. What’s great about this is how it simplifies workflows that may start with electronic medical records or diagnostic studies in healthcare, or practice management in legal, for example. ShareFile can add value for so many industries with external sharing, annotation, mobile editing and easier collaboration. By focusing on the layer of work that our customers perform every day, we can help them eliminate wasted time and steps while increasing productivity.

Q: How will the product evolve in 2015?

A: As a company, we’re looking at ways to make it easier and more intuitive for our customers who use several of our products, say ShareFile and ShareConnect, for example, to make the experience feel more natural. Many of our customers may share a document with ShareFile, then start a face-to-face meeting to further collaborate on it. We want that to be a great customer experience, fit easily into your daily workflows and make it simple to use any of our products.

Q: What are the overall goals of the product team?

A: We’ll continue to focus on quality, scalability and usability. ShareFile has been engineered from the beginning for business — and that means our customers expect the system to be easy to use and available when they need it. Behind the scenes, we’ll continue to work hard to improve and harden our security and compliance features. Hackers don’t rest, and neither can we.

Thanks for sharing, Jordan! It seems like the ShareFile product team has a pretty busy year ahead. Is there something Jordan didn’t mention that you want to see? And what of these product developments of are you most excited about? Let us know @ShareFile on Twitter!

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  • Jack

    In the answer to the first question, the term ” Restricted Zones” was used and described as allowing access to data kept on our premises. Does that mean a development of a way to access vis Sharefile, files kept behind our firewall? Thanks

  • Hi Peter,

    Is it planned to give the capabilitie to Windows Sharefile Sync client to sync files coming from a windows file share presented via Sharefile Connector ? (only ios & android right now).
    Also a feature requested by some customers is to be able to SEE ALL files & folders via Windows Sharefile sync client and choice to sync what they need (in fact like the sharefile client on-demand for xenapp).

    Thanks a lot for your reply.