Smile: Turn your webcam on!

Written by on April 11, 2013 in Business - 3 Comments

The ShareFile sales team ran a test with GoToMeeting’s HDFaces. Many of our sales representatives received HD webcams and changed one thing during their product demos—they showed their faces!

Most of the sales reps are inside reps and wanted to humanize themselves. We thought that adding a face to our text and voices would be a huge benefit to the way we interact with clients.

The reps found that potential clients were more engaged and became more comfortable when they could put a face to a name. Soon, not only were all the sales reps using HD cameras, but members of account services and support teams were using webcams to connect with clients, too.

Check out the praises from the ShareFile team:

“It was a big advantage to be able to ‘talk with my hands.’ Something I generally do and helps illustrate concepts like how the Outlook plugin works in a much more awesome way.”

“At its best, the webcams help bring life to us and our product. I love when people fly by on scooters, and clients have loved seeing us in a real-life setting.”

To find out how using GoToMeeting’s HDFaces can benefit your organization, check out a few best practices.

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