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One small company solves big problems with ShareFile + GoToMeeting

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For a small business, Elizabeth Bradley had some big problems to solve. The company has offices in the U.S. and the U.K. with frequent training meetings in India and the need to transfer extremely large files between employees and vendors. When Elizabeth Bradley turned to Citrix ShareFile and GoToMeeting, suddenly its big problems were no problem at all.

How do you easily send large files around the world?

Elizabeth Bradley and its subsidiary, Needlepoint.Com, specialize in quality tapestry and needlepoint designs that are sold internationally through their websites and storefronts. They rely on high-resolution imagery to showcase their products, but their previous file-sharing solutions were hardly optimal.

The files were too large to email, and they often exceeded file-size limits of free file-sharing services. Then there was mailing CDs, a dreaded chore that often meant a two-week wait for the files to ship, arrive and be returned.

“Now everything is instant, and I love the email notifications, so you know exactly when your coworker has seen your file,” says Vicki Callaway, marketing manager, who often shares files with major publications like The New York Times and Martha Stewart Living.

“We probably use ShareFile more than we should. We really do trust it. As a small company, we wear multiple hats, so we really need systems that we trust and won’t go down. We don’t have an IT team. It’s really nice that we never have an issue,” says Vicki.

How do you easily meet with coworkers on a different continent to discuss a project?

With file sharing now effortless, Elizabeth Bradley and Needlepoint.Com turned to GoToMeeting to bridge the distance with their India division.

“We use GoToMeeting for trainings, quality control and other meetings roughly once a week. It has saved us countless trips to India, which is a big deal for our small business,” says Jennifer London, of Needlepoint.Com.

In addition, GoToMeeting, and its high-definition screen sharing, has been invaluable when dealing with vendors.

“We work with vendors all over the world,” says Lizzy Hardy, of Needlepoint.Com. “We use the webcam and share our screen. The whole point is the visual meeting. We can even do training demonstrations using the webcam.”

Overall, the most important thing to Elizabeth Bradley and Needlepoint.Com is how much easierthings are across the business by using ShareFile and GoToMeeting. They can streamline time management, travel, meetings, and sharing and viewing intricate files. As Vicki put it, “It’s really self-explanatory and simple. I just want it to work and haven’t had any issues, which is why I love using it.”

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