ShareFile: Upload files faster than Box and YouSendIt

In a recent article by Computerworld*, the author tested the upload speed of popular cloud-based secure file sharing solutions and ShareFile out performed competitors Box and YouSendIt.

According to the Computerworld article, ShareFile uploaded a 100MB file containing PDF documents, JPG images and TIFF images in 7 min. 27 sec., over 20% faster than YouSendIt (9 min. 23 sec.) and over 39% faster than Box (12 min. 24 sec.).

Upload speed is the rate at which your data is uploaded to the Internet. Standard transmission speed is 500 to 900 Kbps (Kilobits per second). That speed is affected by a variety of factors. Internet network connection, the upload speed provided by your ISP, location and file size all determine the time it takes to upload information.

ISPs give priority to downloading information because the majority of users do more downloading than uploading. Therefore, upload speeds are generally slower than download speeds.

However, timely file uploads are especially important to those using a cloud-based file sharing solution. Waiting for a file to upload can be a seriously frustrating problem, and it can slow business during mission critical moments. That’s why it’s important to use a file sharing solution that solves the problem of slow upload speeds but doesn’t restrict file size.

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*Source: Computerworld, 10 file-sharing options July 13, 2012