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ShareFile + Smarsh = Better compliance and convenience

Need a more robust and complete way to archive? ShareFile has a new integration with The Archiving Platform™ from Smarsh, the popular comprehensive archive platform, to create the only solution that meets the regulatory requirements for both online file sync and share and immutable retention. The latter means data is stored and secured indefinitely in an unalterable, and search-ready state that makes audits and maintaining compliance simpler and more effective.

Smarsh offers compliance-related services like archiving and e-discovery in the cloud, making them more affordable and quicker to implement than legacy on-premise solutions. By adding the ability to archive ShareFile documents directly into The Archiving Platform, Smarsh eliminates the need for organizations to maintain multiple logins and separate archiving solutions.

Why you need it

ShareFile customers in the financial industry receive file archiving that supports compliance with FINRA. However, financial institutions also need to archive email, IM, web and social media communication for compliance purposes, where Smarsh has excelled as the leading comprehensive archive platform provider for many years. .

Until now, these two file types have required separate solutions, which meant IT staff needing to automate archiving, supervise content for compliance and responding to audits had to log into many different accounts, based on how many registered investment advisors (RIAs) a broker dealer has and how its accounts are configured. Now that Smarsh can also archive ShareFile documents alongside all other supported content types, this problem is eliminated.

How it works

Smarsh already archives email using the secure URLs sent out by ShareFile in the body of an email. But until now, Smarsh couldn’t automatically access the files or folders to which they linked. That part was accomplished manually when people receiving email clicked on the links and logged in with their ShareFile credentials.

By adding support for a new document file type to The Archiving Platform and authenticating the user through the secure API of ShareFile, Smarsh can now resolve those URLs and archive files from ShareFile without any manual intervention. If a ShareFile user authenticated on the Smarsh platform sees the file, Smarsh can archive that document automatically on behalf of the user. This satisfies the requirements of compliance and security much more efficiently while making the archived ShareFile documents immediately available for audits and e-discovery in the one system with a single intuitive and powerful interface to leverage.

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