ShareFile Small Business Customers Experience Growth and Productivity

Steve Nelson, CPA

When small business owner Steve Nelson, was faced with attaching personal client documents to unsecure emails, he chose to place utmost importance on keeping client data safe and secure. Steve discovered ShareFile, which enabled him to send and receive large, secure files through encrypted email and secure client portals. As a result of no longer sending hard copy files through traditional mail, Steve saved a full week’s worth of time during tax season. The time and money saved by no longer printing and storing physical copies helped Steve increase business by 10%, lowering overhead costs through reduced supplies and office space downsizing.

Fair Wind Charter

Fair Wind Air Charter used ShareFile to collaborate mid-air while maintaining passenger safety and crew productivity, abiding by FAA regulations for redundancy and security of access. Each Fair Wind Air Charter aircraft actively shared, uploaded, and edited files and libraries specific to their unique flight operations. On the ground or high in the air, pilots synced documents in real time, securely sending files through ShareFile and the ShareFile Outlook Plugin.

We transport clients around the globe and their safety is our top priority.  So making sure documents like flight manuals and safety inspection ledgers are secure and up-to-date in real time is critical.

Alex Beringer, Chief Operating Officer at Fair Wind Charter

To learn more about Steve Nelson and Fair Wind Air Charter’s ShareFile experiences, check out the full press release.

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