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ShareFile for Outlook: Announcing expanded Mac capabilities

Citrix ShareFile is passionate about supporting business owners so they can work the way they want. Business happens everywhere – at a coffee shop, in the car, on the plane – and having access to data on any device at any time is a necessity. In the spirit of “anywhereness”, Citrix is pleased to introduce two new features aimed at providing a robust experience for our Mac users:

ShareFile for Outlook with Mac support

ShareFile for Outlook, a new Microsoft Outlook add-on that brings ShareFile functionality to Outlook for Mac and Outlook Online (Office 365, Outlook Web Access and users. The new ShareFile for Outlook brings the following ShareFile features to their Outlook environment:

In addition to these new features, we will continue to expand the functionality of ShareFile for Outlook throughout 2017.

ShareFile Desktop App for Mac

Another feature for Mac fans, the ShareFile Desktop App for Mac provides secure, one-click access to ShareFile without opening a web browser. For increased speed and convenience, this app gives users more flexible ways to manage their ShareFile account with drag and drop functionality, keyboard shortcut support, native interactions and adjustable, modular windows..

These new features demonstrate ShareFile’s commitment to provide all users, regardless of operating system, simple ways to access, share and store files and content.

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