ShareFile Has Increased Upload Speeds Up To 60%

We have always prided ourselves in fast upload speeds. In our effort to continually improve, our development team has created a function called the “Java Uploader,” which is now included in all ShareFile plans. I am sure many of our customers have noticed a significant increase in upload speeds and are wondering how it is done.
The uploader is actually a simple setting change in your account. After logging into your account, click “My Settings” on the right side of the top navigation bar. On the right side, you will see “Edit Upload Preferences.”

Then click “Java Uploader” and Save. As long as your internet connection can handle the speed, you should see significantly faster uploads.

To learn more about enhanced uploading, I went straight to the source, Josh Smith, our Infrastructure Developer.

When I asked Josh, he stated the idea actually came from a potential customer. A large company needed to upload large 2GB+ files many times a day. Anything we could do to improve upload speeds would save a lot of time and give them the ability to free up more resources. Knowing this would help all of our clients, our development team went right to work. The “potential” customer is now an actual customer.

How the Java Uploader works is very interesting. There is obviously much more complex logic and factors involved, but to put it into easy-to-understand terms, our development team created a way for the Java Uploader to look at files differently. The uploader looks at numerous factors, including your internet connection, file size, and much more. The new uploader no longer sees one huge massive file, it sees many smaller files that get uploaded much faster. Not only do you now have the ability to upload entire folders quickly and easily, but the Java Uploader has an auto-resume feature that will pick up where it left off if for some reason your internet connection fails.

Clients have claimed they have seen increases in upload speeds of over 50%. CompetitionWe just went from being faster to significantly faster.