ShareFile Growth From a Development Perspective: An Interview With Peter Hebert

Peter Hebert, Director of Product Development, has managed ShareFile’s development team since he joined the company in September 2007. In that time, he’s seen the ShareFile grow from a small team with 1,500 clients to the data sharing branch of Citrix, serving over 28,000 companies worldwide. Read below to learn how Peter and the development team have adapted to these changes and kept their focus on making ShareFile great.

Sarah: Can you tell me a little about your job role and how it’s changed since you originally joined the ShareFile team?

Peter: I started at ShareFile as Director of Technology, managing development and technical operations. It was a pretty small operation – for the first few months, there was only one other engineer. We slowly added more developers, but since the Citrix acquisition our department has grown quickly. We now have thirty engineers devoted to ShareFile. I spend a lot less time working on development myself now, and I spend a lot more interacting with other teams like product management and customer support to determine how we can improve the ShareFile service.

Sarah: How has ShareFile development changed since the Citrix acquisition? Are there any new challenges for the development department now that ShareFile is part of a larger company?

Peter: We have access to so many more resources now, which makes it possible for us to take on more new projects than ever. In addition to growing our team, we work with many more really smart, talented people within other Citrix groups who have helped us out with new ideas and support. With a larger team, we are learning to specialize. A small team meant that everyone worked on a variety of product features and in many roles. Now that we have more people, each person can become an expert on a few things. It’s a better way to dedicate resources, but it can be a tough adjustment.

Sarah: What are you focusing on in development right now?

Peter: We want to make the ShareFile product even easier to work with right from the first time you use it. In line with Citrix’s mobile strategy, we recently refreshed the user interface of our mobile apps recently, and we learned a lot from that experience about simplifying the interface while still including all of functionality our users need. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to apply some of those lessons to the ShareFile web application.

Thanks, Peter! Check out the development team’s handiwork at the ShareFile web site.