ShareFile for Windows 8- Available Now

Are you using the latest version of Windows? We have great news for you! ShareFile for Windows 8 is now available for download. Easily access ShareFile through a full-screen experience by clicking on the ShareFile tile. Check out our 2-minute demo of the ShareFile for Windows 8 app below.

With the Windows 8 app, you can instantly access the features you love in the ShareFile web app right from your Start screen, including sending large files, creating and managing folders, and sharing data with others. You can even view files that you already downloaded in offline mode, so you can stay productive even when you can’t be online.

ShareFile for Windows 8 works with other convenient apps from Windows for an easier sharing experience overall. Preview a file in the ShareFile app and then use the Windows 8 Share charm to immediately send a link to that file in another app. This means you can simply open a file in your ShareFile app, click the Share charm, and then select your Mail app to open a new email with a link to your file in three quick steps. When you download files from your ShareFile app, they open in the appropriate application on your device, so you can work with your file using the normal features for that application and move back and forth between the ShareFile app with just a click or gesture.

We hope that our new app will make sharing information more seamless than ever before, and we want to hear from you! If you are using the Windows 8 app, share your feedback with us in the comments below. Don’t have the app yet? Download ShareFile for Window 8 here.

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