How ShareFile for financial services balances security with ease of use

ShareFile has become a globally-known file-transfer solution and its emphasis on security has made it a best-in-class solution for clients in the financial industry.

Security is of the utmost importance for clients in this industry. Every day advisors handle sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, quarterly performance reports, investment account numbers, billing statements and other personally identifiable information (PII). Most financial advisors are aware that this sort of information should never be sent via email, but it’s hard to find a solution that is both secure and easy to use. Advisors are often left playing a balancing act between security and simplicity, which leaves clients frustrated when the software is too cumbersome to use. In an industry where client relations is key, advisors need a service that they can be confident will fulfill security requirements without causing angst.

ShareFile has years of experience working with financial advisors and we’ve created a plan specifically for the financial services industry that addresses security concerns while keeping it simple for clients to use. All of ShareFile’s plans provide a custom-branded client portal area that can be accessed from a customized URL ( Businesses also have the option to integrate a ShareFile login box that allows clients to login seamlessly from their website. ShareFile protects files during transfer using up to 256-bit AES encryption and SSL or TLS encryption protocols and employs 256-bit AES encryption for files at rest on our servers.

When your clients login to the secure portal, they only have access to their private folders and files. They can choose to be notified when new information is uploaded so they never have to worry about when the next performance report is available. In addition to being able to download documents, ShareFile provides a “Request” function that helps clients upload information back to their advisors.

To find out more about ShareFile plans for financial services, visit our industry page or contact our sales team at Our knowledgeable team would be happy to help you customize the solution for your firm.