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Introducing ShareFile Feedback and Approval Workflow

Buying a house is stressful, even outside of the thought of taking on hundreds of thousands in debt.  Between all the showings, offers, loan applications and other paperwork, the flood of emails and time required to manage it all can seem endless. What’s worse, just when you’ve finally signed and submitted your offer, you learn your dream home was swiped by someone else who moved faster than you, leaving you to start the process all over again.

Virtually everyone that has gone through the home buying and selling process has experienced the pain of reviewing and signing mountains of paperwork.  In today’s world, contracts, terms of service and other lengthy documents aren’t getting any shorter or less prevalent, and it’s not just in real estate.  Whether you’re applying for insurance, working with a CPA on your taxes or trying to work with a financial advisor to manage your finances better, literal reams of paperwork face consumers at every step.  Moreover, not only are these files oftentimes too large for email, they’re often too lengthy and complex to easily review on a computer.

This is why ShareFile is dedicated to building new tools and workflow capabilities to make our customers’ lives easier.  We recognized the complexities of organizing, reviewing and signing dozens and sometimes hundreds of pages of paperwork, and sought out ways to make this process easier both for our customers and theirs.  Take our newest tool for example, Feedback and Approval Workflow.

Feedback and Approval Workflow dramatically simplifies the process of exchanging, reviewing and approving large and complex documents.  It’s the only tool of its kind that allows businesses and their clients to collaboratively annotate, review and approve large documents in an intuitive centralized environment without the need for software or file downloads.  The tool makes it easy for businesses to assign due dates and highlight parts of long documents that are particularly important, and empowers clients to seamlessly and instantly deliver questions and comments on documents by simply mentioning someone’s name.

In short, our new tools make it easier for our customers, particularly in the accounting, insurance, manufacturing and of course the real estate space, to work with their customers.  Our hope is that these new tools will put your document woes aside during your next home purchase, so you can go back to only worrying about crushing debt.