ShareFile now integrates with QuickBooks, FreshBook, Xero and Basecamp

***ShareFile’s integrations to QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Xero  and Basecamp are no longer available. These integrations were made possible by a 3rd party service and regrettably that service has been shut down. We apologize for the inconvenience***

Here at ShareFile, we pride ourselves in offering a product that is built for you and your business. And as we grow and expand, we always keep your business needs at the forefront of everything we do. No matter your industry, chances are there’s a tool, integration or customized setting in your ShareFile account just for you.

Adding to our built-for-business credo, ShareFile has four new integrations aimed at streamlining work for accountants, bookkeepers and project managers. That’s right, four.

ShareFile now integrates with QuickBooks Online, FreshBook, Xero and Basecamp, allowing you to securely store and share invoices and project management files with ShareFile right from the tools you already know how to use. It’s one less step in your process, with the same security and ease of use you’ve come to expect from ShareFile.

Located in the Apps section of the main navigation bar in your ShareFile account, these integrations are simple to set up and even simpler to use. Once you’ve authorized the connection, your files save directly to ShareFile.

Working on multiple projects? Not a problem. You can set up multiple copies of the individual integrations, one for each project, and have them point to a different folder in ShareFile. You can even use ShareFile’s folder access controls to give other team members access or use ShareFile’s mobile apps to access and edit documents on the go.

Want to know more about how these integrations work and how to enable them in your ShareFile account? Check out our Knowledge Base or contact ShareFile Support for more information.

  • AllanFefergrad

    Very nice! What can we do with the Xero integration?

    • Hi Allan,

      Thanks for inquiring, apologies for the delayed response. Linking your Xero account to ShareFile makes it easier to back up your invoices and
      share them with your colleagues.

      Once linked, Xero can automatically send all new invoices to any ShareFile folder you designate (for example, you might create a destination folder called “Xero Invoices”). One thing to note is that the destination folder must exist before you can link your accounts.

      Hope this helps!

  • Alexane Smith

    Congratulations sharefile, I am using Intuit Quickbooks for accounting..Please tell me about Xero and Basecamp software…

  • Congratulations ShareFile.. I am using quickbooks last 3 months . If I need then Contact you for Quickbooks Help.