Why I’m glad I enlisted with the ShareFile engineering boot camp  

When I started at Citrix as an engineering intern for the ShareFile team, I knew of the tremendous opportunities of growth and learning it offered me. But beyond just engineering, my managers went above and beyond to show me everything that goes into creating a product like ShareFile. During my first week of orientation, they introduced me to the innovative and collaborative ShareFile boot camp.

A great addition to learning in orientation

With boot camp, all new employees join a single team that provides opportunities to work on various features of ShareFile. We got to dive into all that ShareFile has to offer, which really taught us how to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers.

Under the leadership of a director, my team members and I solved pending bugs in software and developed minor enhancements while learning ShareFile products and mobile apps from end to end. Having never worked in these technologies, I was really excited for the experience. But more importantly, the process allowed me to find out quickly how my part at ShareFile impacted the company’s success as a whole.

The many lessons boot camp teaches

For my first assignment, I had to develop an enhancement for ShareFile Windows Sync clients. Despite my limited experience with Windows Platform and C#, with the ample guidance provided by developers of the Sync team and my mentor, I achieved the desired result. This really boosted my confidence and provided extra motivation to learn and deliver for this team.

I discovered that the primary focus of this exercise was to facilitate learning instead of meeting deadlines. This approach encouraged us to delve deep into the code and provide an absolute solution rather than hacks or partial fixes to the problem.

Inspiration for future work

Now having secured a full-time position with Citrix, I strongly believe boot camp really helped me gel with the team and greatly understand exactly why we do what we do here. It reflects the culture we have of being remarkable and putting our customers first to meet their needs.

Boot camp has trained me with the inspiration I need for future work here. With the help of other boot camp graduates, I am sure we will develop unique solutions based on our experience, which will provide for our long-term prosperity at Citrix.

Interested in joining the ShareFile engineering team and experiencing boot camp firsthand? Apply today at www.Citrix.com/careers.